Thursday, September 27, 2007

Broken Shower

So I guess things just like breaking around here. As soon as we get one thing fixed something else breaks. Last night it was our shower. I decided that since I was freezing (becuase of no heat in our apt.) I would take a hot shower last night before bed. Well I was in there like a whole one minute before water started spewing everywhere! The ancient cord had split. So I thought well I will just take a bath instead. That will still be nice. But as soon as I begin filling the tub, the water is kinda a dark grey color. This completely freaks me out. (but is better than when Kat tried it and it was yellow) So I wash off and get out. Hopefully today the school will send someone to fix it. It was quite the experience.

But on another note. I was invited to go with 2nd and 3rd grade on their field trip yesterday. We went to a park that has one of Cathrine the Great's palaces in it. I visited this park last weekend and we spent 6 hours walking it and still didn't see it all. This time I got to go inside the palace. I asked one of the teachers if I needed to pay for my ticket into the palace. she said "no, our parents pay a lot of money so we can do these things" It was just great. I laughed. This museum/palace reminded me of a small version of the Hermitage, her winter palace/art museum in St. Petersburg. There was even a gold ballroom. It was beautiful.

I am continuing to enjoy the sunshine! I love it. Plus I have to soak it up while I can. I am about to not see the sun shine for like 4 months!


jrob said...

What's up? This is James Roberts. What the stink are you doing in Russia? How cool!!! We're over in South Asia so come and see us some time.

E-Rob said...

When I first glanced at this, I thought you said, "It even had a gold balloon," and I thought, Wow, Dana entertains easily. :) Don't worry - my brain clicked and I saw you said ballroom. Russia sounds really beautiful and I'd love to see pics on your blog!