Friday, September 14, 2007


As we all now, I hate being cold. Now this is kinda funny since I might has well have moved to Antartica! I am already so cold and it is only half way through September. Well, let me clarify, I am so cold indoors! Yes, the heat has not been turned one yet. Because I guess we still live in the Soviet times and cannot control our own heat. So we are almost a week into the temperature being in the low forties. One more week and they should turn on the heat. I bundle up to go outside and I am walking so quickly and walking everywhere that I don't seem to be cold outside. I'm only cold inside! So I drink a lot of hot tea, praise the Lord for my water boiler thingy. It boils the water in about 2 minutes. So now not only is the water clean to drink but also warm to make tea. Between the hot tea, my warm socks, fleece, hot showers, and a lot of blankets I am able to stay warm. But I will be so thankful for the heat when it comes on. But don't worry, then I will complain about it being to hot because there is no way to regulate the heat. Oh and its been poring down rain for about a week now too. So staying indoors is key. Oh wait, I have to walk everywhere. haha! Life is great isn't it.

But on another note, work is going very well. I am really enjoying the majority of my students. I am also loving getting to know my new roomie better and making new friends. When this happens it is like a sweet aroma from the Lord. Sometimes I think he does things in my life just to see me smile. Of course then there are the times when He does things so that He can get a good laugh. Either way isn't too bad!

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E-Rob said...

You won't believe me, but I completely understand about the indoor cold thing! In the winter here, it gets down to the 40s and 50s, and our houses are made of stone, so it's impossible to stay warm indoors! No one understands cold until you can't warm up EVER. I could never survive in Russia, I don't think. You're brave!!