Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fourth Graders

So I know this is the class I am usually complaining about. But today they were so much fun. And, at the end of the lesson several of them said, "Thank you for the lesson Miss Dana." Now this didn't come from my suck up kids either. I think it was actually for real. I was pretty excited and took it as a compliment. It doesn't happen everyday that a student thanks their teacher for teaching them. Especially coming from students who I continually got onto in class. Actually, I think I began to make a boy cry today. oops. I didn't mean to. He simply could not find his self control so I made him sit in the front row next to the girls who chose to sit there. I think they like to be as far away from the boys as possible. But he chose the option of staying in my class so that is what he had to do. And then he was fine later but his face got all red and his eyes teary. At least he took me seriously! But I did feel kind of bad.

So hopefully I will not be getting sick anymore! I'm about tired of this! But it was a wonderfully blessed day thus far. And tonight is small group at Nathan and Masha's which is always a blessing. Can't wait!

Carpe Diem!

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Mom said...

Hey Dana -
Your little kids are so funny! Try to stay well kiddo! You make your madre anxious! JJ I know you can handle it. God is your parent now that you are gone and He will care for you 100X's better than we ever could. I miss your hugs though!
Have a wonderful week.
Love You.