Monday, September 3, 2007

A Real Teacher!

So I am officially a real teacher! It has been great. I am surprised by how much English my students know but then there are some who don't know any. Today I have taught 2 classess and I have two more to go. Hopefully all goes well.

Things have been wonderful. I believe we had what you call a divine meeting with someone the other day at the Bellini stand. We happened to make friends with an Italian guy who is doing research in Moscow. He heard us speaking English and we began to speak. We invited him to our church picnic at the Embassy country home. He came and brought friends. It was a wonderful beginning to building great friendships with non believers (or so I think they are not). So I am so excited about this. This is not something that happens every day. People do not just walk up on the streets and begin talking to total strangers in Moscow. Usually I would not spend much time talking with a stranger but you could tell he had good intentions. As he put it, he had a headache from trying to speak and understand Russian all day and wanted to let his head rest and speak some English. So this was wonderful.

I love seeing the Lord work. It begins so small but I don't believe in things happenign by chance......

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E-Rob said...

That sure does sound like a divine meeting to me! :) I'd love to see some pics of your class and students and the city soon!