Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Washing Machines

We have our washing machine back!!! The repairman came yesterday and took a wire out of the pump that did not belong in there. Now we can finally wash clothes again. It has only been broken since Thursday which may not seem long to you. But when your washing machine does about 1/3 of what yours in the states does and you have to hang EVERYTHING to dry, this can be a bad deal. So I am trying to catch up on laundry. There are wet clothes hanging everywhere in our apartment!! Its quite the site. Since it had been so long I had plenty of hangers to hang everything on. We were a little nervous about having a repair man come into our arpartment. But we scheduled the time so that we were both home. And he turned out to be very nice and he even stayed a little while to make sure that it worked properly. So I was very pleased with the service. We did have a Russian friend call and explain to the company what the problem was so that they fully understood when they came out. A wonderful experience!

Other than that life is the same old same old. I did get invited to go on a field trip to the park tomorrow. So I don't have to go to any classess! This should be exciting. It is with the second grade. I feel honored that I was asked to come along. Parents are coming to so maybe I will meet them.

Life here is good. The sun is shining this week! And we are told it will be the last week of sunshine until the spring!! So I am trying to soak in as much as possible.

God is good!

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Mom said...

I am so glad you know the true meaning of happiness......CLEAN CLOTHES!!!JJ Just a little mommy humor. Enjoy your sunshine, Sunshine.
I love you,