Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A New Day

Well ya'll must have got to praying early because it turned out to be a pretty good day. My kids were all great yesterday so that is of course a blessing. Plus a wonderful family from church has invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner. There will be a bunch of kids running around and lot of food. So it will remind me of the Thanksgiving I know and love! Also Bible study was great too. One of my friends from church travels to and from the States often for business. I asked him if he could bring me a bottle of detangling spray because I can't find it anywhere here and I seem to not be able to brush my hair without it. Well yesterday to bible study he brought me 3 bottles!! Its really the little things like that that make my so excited! It was so wonderful. So thank you for the prayers because it got better, it was just a rough start to the day.

Your right dad. Some days I could use your phone call in the morning to get me moving! Oh my goodness I will never forget Nic because I would have missed my plane if it wasn't for you!

I love you all!!

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