Monday, November 12, 2007


So after a not so good and very long week I decided I think the Lord would like for me to grow in my patience. I remember as a teen I would pray for patience and every time I did, God would give me a day full of situations were my patience was tested. Well I sure have not been praying for patience but I am giving a handful of situations were I get to practice it! But praise the Lord, my students have been wonderful! They are improving so much and we are having a great time together. For a little while I was beginning to wonder if I had taught them anything. Their behavior has also improved tremendously which is wonderful! We will be learning all about Thanksgiving and then The Christmas Story. What an exciting time!

Now completly turning the conversation. I had a Russian friend over this weekend and we had an interesting converstaion. She was telling me how Russia is trying to make abortion illegal. I though this was wonderful! She did not. She is a believer but also Russian. She tried to explain to me that the only reason they were passing this new law is because they want Russia to be more popluated. But since there is no kind of welfare, or any programs whatsoever to help anyone of any age, more people is not always a good thing. So these children will just go striaght to the orphanage. She said she thought it was better for these children to never be born than to live in the orphanage and then do the same that their parents did. I of course did not agree. And we ended up having a long conversation about this topic. I found this to be an interesting point of view coming from a believer. It was a first, thats for sure.

Mike, I think that was my first country to travel to without you in years!! Sorry, but is was so beautiful!

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