Friday, December 14, 2007

Checked Out

I'm kind of glad that all my classes are canceled b/c I hate to say it but I can officially say that I have checked out. My mind is already at home! Yesterday all my classes were canceled. The only thing I did was hand 3rd grade a test and give a private lesson. So I decided to inquire about todays classes yesterday. I found out that all were canceled but one. So I take the 1 pm bus out to Zaitsevo to make it in time for class at 2. Oh wait, it was canceled!! So I do have a private lesson. Monday and Tuesday all my classes are cancelled except for my one native student that I will see on both days. And of course preschool has not decided if they will have class so I will come early, as that is my first class of the day, and more than likely it will be canceled. So I'm trying to find things to waste my time since I am stuck in the countryside. Oh by the way, classes are canceled for repition. That is the word they use for rehearsal. Their Christmas program is on Wednesday so they are all rehearsing for it. I will miss it as I will be in the US of A on Wednesday!! I can't wait!!

Tonight will be a wonderful evening of Christmas caroling at the Brinks home! And tomorrow will be an afternoon at Red Square in the snow! Then us girls will have our own small little Christmas party together. And Sunday, as part of worship, Kathryn will play the piano while Jamie paints the nativity scene. Some teacher friends are gonna come watch too! It should be a fun weekend!

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