Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lets talk about this weather

I think what I was experiencing yesterday was Oklahoma crosses Antartica! At some points the wind was so strong that I wasn't actually going anywhere when I moved my legs to walk. The temp only said -5 but I think it felt like at least -20. Plus there is rumor that we will have a few weeks of -40 during February. Now I was really hoping that since we have had a 'mild' winter that we would bypass that. But I guess only time will tell. So really I stay pretty warm becuase of my wonderful Cuddleduds, wool socks, thick gloves, ear muffs, a hat, a hood, and boots. The only problem is that I haven't quite figured out how to cover my entire face yet still breathe and see to walk around. Becuase really its only my face that is wind burned, red, and falling off. You know its cold when you step outside and you first inhale freezes anything that is inside your nose. I never knew what snorting fridged air felt like until recently.

And to think, I have always wanted to live on the beach...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Not back to normal yet

I've been gone for a while. Our school has broke out in this pandemic virus of some sort. I think everyone, including teachers, has now gotten this stomach bug. So I was out for 2 1/2 days last week sick. Today there are not many students still. I have had a few lessons but some were also cancelled. It reminds me of my first day back from break.

The professors have been here and that has been such a joy. Two professors from OBU came on Friday for a few days. Saturday they did a seminar at school and we have spent the weekend showing them Moscow. They have been such a blessing and encouragement for me this week. Today they were supposed to observe me teach and tour Zaitsevo but becuase of this virus spreading they could not come. So I decided to bring school to them. I have spent the day taking pictures and do videos so they can see what they would have seen if they had been able to come. This evening we will go to the history museum and have dinner at our apartment.

I hope to write to you soon and update more!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Tania's New Years party was so great. I brought Death By Chocolate per her request and they loved it. I really enjoyed meeting her friends. There were about 10 of us girls there. Most of them went to college together. All of them but 1 spoke English so that was great too. We had great food and participated in some traditional russian new years eve activities. By the end of the evening we were full and exhausted. We did get to have an interesting conversation about scripture and religions. They asked some questions about some different denominations among protestants and the Bible. It was a great time to discuss things together and find out more of where they are coming from. I had a wonderful evening and can't wait to see those girls again!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

The New Year

So I only have about 5 minutes until I have to leave but I thought I would update you on stuff. This week has been crazy. I knew when I came in to work on Wednesday and there were only 2 cars in the parking lot, it would be a slow week. Well it has been slow as far a children go. I have had between 2 and 5 in each grade! So I have had plenty of time to work on lesson plans for this next term. Well that has completely consumed my days! But then I decided to take a look at the bulletin board in the teachers office. I rarely do this becuase it is all in Russian so I can't really understand it. Well I looked at my schedule and noticed that I have a 4th grade class on Friday. I have always had 4th grade on Mon and Tue. So I asked and they were like, yea the schedule changes every January. Well that would be great and all but I asked the day before I left and they told me it would be the same! So needless to say I have missed serveral classes this week. But I guess they were not too concerned because no bothered to say anything to me. Again, that whole communication thing is not really their strong point.

But on the better things. My friend Tania that I told many of you about, she has asked us to a New Years Eve party at her flat this Saturday night. The Russian new New Year is on Jan. 13th. So of course, thanks to mom, they have requested Death By Chocolate. So I went to Stockmanns yesterday to get the supplies to make it. I spent too much on a dessert and got lost! But it turned out to be great. And this time they had chocolate syryp! So this weekend is going to be a great chance to build relationships! I am really excited. And I hope to see Masha soon, as she sent a Christmas present home with Dacey for me! So that was really exciting. Gotta go for now, I'll update you on Monday about this weekends events!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back in the Motherland!

We had a good 2 days of traveling and now I'm back in the Motherland. And guess what, the sun is shining today! I think that may be just for me. I have heard rumors that the sun is supposed to shine all month long. Today is it -16C, 2F. So its a little chilly, but my new coat kept me very warm this morning. The temperature is suppose to drop dramatically during the next month, but not as much now as before. I guess that is okay. I like seeing the pretty white everywhere. But no snow means sun! So really I'm okay with it. We got back to the apartment at about 6.30 last night. I had showered and was in my bed at 7.06. And I woke up at 8.15 this morning. It was so wonderful. So I'm feeling pretty refreshed, minus my sore muscles. It's time to go see my cute little preschoolers!! Till tomorrow, Packa!