Friday, February 29, 2008

All kinds of new

So I think this is officially the first day in almost 2 weeks that I feel well! I still have 0 appetite but I can eat! Dacey and I decided to try Mexican food in Moscow! I know you are thinking this is crazy right. No, it was so good! Not quite like our TexMex of course but good. I liked the salsa, for those who know me, this is huge! Dacey and I split fajitas. I know these are hard to mess up but they were great. Also I saw on the menu chilli and cheese. I thought this was a typical not so good translation of chilli con queso. Um, not so much! It was chilli with some shredded cheese on top! It was actually really good. I think what i liked most about tonights dinner, except for the company of course, was all the flavor! It was all spicey! It was so wonderful. So here is a pic to commemorate our first Mexcian food encounter while in Russia!
I also had a mom really make my day today. I was helping with the third grade Energy Conference, as they called it. In third grade inquiry class we have been studying energy and today the did a big project presentation for their parents to come see. Part of it was me asking them questions and them answering in English of course. So after a mom came up to me to ask me about her sons level of English, which is not so good actually. But he is a sweet boy. He just wont speak in class, and it is conversation class and all. But anyway, Sashas little brother is my student in the 1st grade, Koila (short for Nicoli). Their mom told me that Kolia said that my class is his favorite! He was sick the other day and remembered that he had English that day and was begging his mom to let him go to school just for English class. Yea!! I was so excited to hear that. And I was loving seeing an involved parent! I think she may be the first I have seen. She is speaking with her sons teachers almost everyday! Its great. And she wants to put Sasha in private lessons with me next year to help improve his English. So that will be fun too!
I am trying to upload some videos for you too!

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