Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dry snow + high winds on highway = car wrecks

So we went to the orphanage yesterday. It was a great trip. We had been delayed since December because of a chicken pox epidemic. So we were finally able to go. The children all go their new years gift plus we had a birthday party as usuall with a clown. They loved it.

This is me and little Elena. She is the runt of the group. She just had her 8th birthday but she is about the size of an average 4 or 5 year old.
So when we were driving home it was so scary. We were on this 2 lane highway in the middle of no where Russia with no civilization around for hours. If you can picture a desert, the wind is blowing so hard that is completly changes the scenery in front of you. So this is what it looked like on the highway but with snow. The road was not really anywhere to be found. Then we come up over a hill to see one of our vehicles, a small car, turned almost all the way around into a pile of snow about 5 feet tall. Thankfully there happened to be no traffic coming the opposite way at the time. After that we saw about 4 other vehicle that had just lost control and driven off the side of the road. But the side of the road was kind of like a field of snow. But with some small trees sticking out of it. So who really knows what is under that 5 or 6 feet of snow. So end of the story is, everyone is okay, but Dana is completely stressed out and decides it is better to put on the headphones and try to go to sleep than to begin developing an ulcer.

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