Sunday, February 24, 2008

Travel Plans

So Dacey and I are making our travel plans for spring break and we have several options. Greece (top choice but about $1200 or morebut it is to tour Greece top to bottom), Prague (price the same also very high on list), Goa, India (about $1400 all enclusive resort) or Dubai, UAE ($450). Yea so I'm not sure If you guessed yet but it looks like we may be going to Dubai! Nothing is set in stone yet, we are still getting details. But it sounds exciting! I can't wait to see. Really Dubi is the only one I can afford so if we don't do it then we are gonna have to look into somewhere else more affordable. Yea!

Weather in Moscow=crazy!
So yesterday I wake up, slowly as I'm still not feeling well, and I jump out of bed at the sound of thunder. I look out the window and it starts pouring down rain! I yell to Dacey, we're gonna have a thunderstorm!! Its been so long! It was so wonderful and beautiful! 5 minutes later it was over! During those 5 minutes we had decided to stay home because it was raining and I wasn't feeling good. It was also like 6*C so we were like, its so warm today!! Our park looked like a lake. All the ice/snow melted with the rain. Then this morning I get out for church and it is snowing and about -3*C. By the time we left church it had dropped to like -12*C! And it was still snowing and even harder! So tonight everything will turn to ice! We'll see what tomrrow looks like!

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