Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Life

Though it is very overcast today, it is in the 60's here! The sun was shining for 10 days straight! I think it is the most I have seen the sun in Moscow since I came in August. Then it I think it topped off at 3 days. So I think I can say that the sun has changed my life. Yea, that sounds weird. But of course it began with spring break in Dubai. The sun was so refreshing. I love to see the ocean because it is a great reminder of how great our God is. But then to come back to Moscow and have it in the uppper 30's and raining. You could say I just wanted to go back to Dubai. But I think the Lord knew that I really needed the sun to get through the long work weeks. So the temp has been in the 50's and 60's with the sun shining! I feel like a new person! I want to be outside all the time. And I feel like there is new life springing up everywhere! They are planting flowers, the grass is growing, and there are birds everywhere! I think it is warm outside. For those who know me well you are probably thinking that I have lost my mind. But I just had over 6 months of snow, so yea its very warm! I just feel very happy. It is hard to explain. I love it. So though the sun is not shining today, I will still get out and feel the "warmth."

Okay a few people have asked exactly what did I do in Dubai. So here is a short little tid bit.
Friday: fly in, chill at the hotel, eat dinner, etc.
Saturday: spent all day at the beach! went bowling at the hotel at night.
Sunday: did the Big Bus Tour of Dubai, we had a land and sea tour. We got to get out and see cool stuff too. Did some shopping.
Monday: half day at the beach, half day in Dubai finishing shopping and sight seeing.
Tuesday: half day at the beach. Desert Safari! By far the best thing we did, besides the beach.
Wed.: tour to the Indian Ocean, let down.
Thurs: beach for 10 hours! I got so tan!
Friday: fly home :(

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