Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tsaritsena Park

When I moved to a city of 14 million people I didn't have the expectation of there being beautiful parks to visit. Well I have a favorite. It is called Tsaritsena park. Apparently my first time to visit it in Sept. was a big new opening for the park. It used to be in ruins but they restored to old castle. You can literally get lost in this park. Each time we go we spend 6-8 hours and we have still not seen the whole thing. So I went twice this last weekend during our days off of work and got some fun pics.

Moscow is beautiful in the Spring. I didn't expect this but there are tulips of all colors everywhere!! I love tulips so much! I have never lived anywhere where they survive. They plant the bulbs before the first big snow and then when it warms up you begin to see tulips everywhere! It is so delightful!

Also this pic and the video is of a cute little man. He is at our metro every day, no matter what the temperature or weather. He is there singing and playing his accordian. I don't know if he if homeless or a little crazy but I think he is precious and he is one of my favorite things in this city. I had never given him money before. But the day we went to the park there was not a lot of questionable people hanging around like usuall so I gave him some money and asked if I could take picture and video of him. I think he kind of felt like a star. His song is so funny. He is singing about singing to a beautiful girl in the pedyhold (underground pedestrian walk).


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