Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer pics!

So these are a lot more than I thought and they are kind of in a scattered order. But even still, here are some/ a lot of pictures from my summer. I will try to explain in some.

Mom took some pics of the kids and here are some of my favorites.

I nannied for the sweetest twin babies this summer. This is Krayson taking a little nap on me.

And here is Ember doing the same.
Here is one of my last days with Krayson and Ember. They grew so much in 2 months! I miss those tiny little bodies.
Some more pics of the kiddos.
These are some pics of our little weekend trip Branson, MO. Cliff was in town so he got to come too!

While Cliff was visiting we spent my last week in the States down in the Houston area.
Here we are on our way to the Astros game.

At Cliff's first Astros game.
After the game. They won!

Another Branson pic. Bub with all the Saloon girls from the show.
My beautiful best friend and her wonderful hubby right after our lunch at Willie's

Me and Cliff on our way to NASA.

Hangin' loose at Ashley and Josh's

My favorite Ashley

My oldest and best friends in the world!
My Aunt Christi at my cousin's wedding.
Her precious son Noah was the miniture groom.
The minature bride/ groom, Hannah/ Noah dancing at the reception.
Just arriving in the States and seeing Ashley and Josh's house while it was still being built.

One of my dearest friends from OBU moved to OKC this summer so I got to see a lot of Suzi Q!

My memaw and I at Pappasitos just after flying into Houston in June. The first time I had seen her after her 8 months in the hospital. She looks so good!