Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day for You Work for Me

Happy Labor Day to my American friends! Today was our kids first day back at school. Lets just say it was a crazy place today! But it was so nice to see my kids. And I won't lie, not so nice to see some. I started the day thinking I was going to be working on lesson plans all day. I was told last week that they were not having any lessons today. Well they did of course. So I was found in my office 5 minutes after a lesson was beginning. But everything went fine and it was a good day. I just hope my kids are to the challenge this year! It is going to be a lot harder, per my superiors orders. We actually have textbooks in a few classes! So we'll see...

Here is a pic and a cute little video of the opening ceremony.
Yes, that is big coats you see everyone wearing. That is because it was about 40*, windy and sprinkling!

Last weekend we helped some friends move. We watched their kids for several hours while the movers and them were packing. They are a wonderful British family from church and lead our young adult group. Emily had to do all the moving alone. Daniel works for the BBC and was down in Georgia doing some work. So we had Jude, 6, Amy, 4 and Angus, almost 2!

Here is a pic from Truc's first day here in Moscow. We did some sight seeing. It was so hot and we sweated all day! I want those days back. Or really something in the middle. It went from averaging 90-100* a day to averaging 40-50* a day. This is crazy people!

And one for fun! Praise the Lord, our landlord replaced our shower head from 1942. And that is not an exaggeration. But this one has no way to hang. So thankfully Kathryn brought some cute duct tape and it solved our problem!

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