Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cute kids

Today I took a few pics with some of my students. I only got a few with first and fourth grade. They really crack me up. In each picture I can really see that kid's personality. It is really hilarious, at least to me.

This one is in first grade. From the left is: Felix, Masha, me, Masha, Yakob, Tate and Stepan.
They are all very cute. Though felix is kind of in a universe all of his own.

Here are some more first graders: Tania, Max, me, Ivan, Igor, Felix again, Arkosta.

My fourth graders whom I love! Stasya, Sasha, Polina, Sofia, and Robert. All really great kids.

Some more fourth graders: David, Gleb, David, Me, Nastya, Robert and Sasha. Ok this is hilarious. They all look so much like what they are! The first David is very sweet and soft spoken but one of my very best students. You could call Gleb my worst student. If he shows up to class at all, he is empty handed, refuses to speak in English, and just draws on everything. Look at his face looking away! The other David is also mischievious and just hates everything, I don't know why. Then you have Nastya. Ha! She is definately a Russian supermodel in training! Robert looks happy and sweet as he always is. And Sasha looks nervous, as she always is. haha.

Here are some more 4th graders and two teachers, Tatiana and Masha. I teach science with them and love them! Masha so has a typical Russian picture face one. Stas and Gleb are looking like trouble with Tatiana. Polin is hugging me tight with Sasha (girl). Then there is Sasha (boy). This cracks me up. He just came from playing out side and was still getting dressed when Masha threw him into the picture!

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