Friday, October 10, 2008

Autumn leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down. Autumn leaves are falling down, red, yellow and orange.

So that is definately the song I taught to my first graders this week to the tune of London Bridge. How fun is that. It is definately fall here! So yes, it is nearly unbearably cold for nearly half of the year in this part of the country BUT when the seasons do change it is so beautiful! It was in the 40's and 50's the whole month of September and then recently we got like 5 days of the 60's and sun! It was gorgeous! Well it is officially time for fall! It is nearly cold enough for snow! It is predicted to snow next week! But most exciting is that the leaves are changing colors.

I am amazed in a city of 15 million (and still growing) that there are so many parks and trees everywhere. Even though many parts of the city are not so pretty with just a bunch of buildings, they have random trees and little flower beds everywhere! So no matter where you are you can see evidence of the seasons change. Sometimes I wonder if God did these beautiful things so he could watch for himself or was it because he knew we would love it! I don't know but either reason I really like it. So here are some pics of last weekend at Tsaritsena park where the leaves were just beginning to change colors. I hope to go to some other parks when it stops raining and get some more pics with deeper colors!

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