Sunday, October 26, 2008

Visiting the orphanage


THIS IS A LONG POST. You have now been warned so here it is. We went to visit the Ryzan Region Orphanage yesterday. It was so much fun. We taught them the old story of Halloween. They made masks out of paper plates and then we had kind of a fall carnival. We set up different games that they came to and then got candy. They seemed to have a lot of fun. We also had a birthday party and had 25 kids that got presents this time. It was great!

Stay tuned to the end and I have a great story for you!

We had to pull over to the side of the road for a funeral. I was told a teacher at the village school passed away. Well I took a picture but then later saw the carrying the open casket of the women. It was sad.

My dearest Polina.

My sweet little monkey Elena
My sweet little Irina.

Here is my little monkey in some of the new clothes I got her. She looks so cute.

Here are two videos of the kids playing some games.

Now for the story. The night before we were to leave for the orphanage I was working on getting everything prepared for our trip. Our apartment was completly filled with bags of stuff for the day. Well I decided to go through my clothes to see if there were some I could give away for the older girls. I went through my clothes first and then decided to go through my shoes.

Well this summer my honey bought me a new pair of tennis shoes because I made a comment that I never wore mine because they always made my toes go numb. So I got sweet new ones but had a pair still here in my closet. I called Masha and asked her if I could bring them to give away with the clothes. She said of course and I put them in the bag with the rest of the stuff.

Then while we were getting the hygiene bags together for the kids Masha was talking all stressed out. Anton told her that there was a new boy that had just been dropped off at the orphanage last week and he was walking around with no shoes on. Anton had said to just give them one of the shoes from the birthday kids. Well then I remembered the shoes I had brought. I told Masha and she said she would speak to Anton.

Well come to find out, the boy had asked for a pair of tennis shoes. He also wears a 38/39. I wear a 39 and had brought some tennis shoes. Yes, they were girls but they had a tourquiose blue nike check on them so they could essentially work for a boy without being to girlish (like my new ones with a pink nike check). So anyways, they fit him perfectly and I just feel like it was totally God to put that thought in my head the night before to bring my perfectly good shoes.

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