Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas is coming!

Well Christmas is coming fast! I cannot wait! Though I absolutely love the summer, I think this is my favorite time of year. I am so excited that I will be home in 2 days! The last few weeks have been crazy busy getting ready to leave. Work has been so busy and I had to get all of next terms plans in (9 weeks worth!) before I could leave. Plus there has been Christmas parties and Christmas shopping etc. So here are a few fun pics from the festivities with other Americans before we all leave for the States.
Here is me, Doug, Polina and Truc getting different cookie doughs ready
Kathryn and Masha making Post Toasties
Truc and Lydia at our American Teacher Secret Santa dinner

Me and Kathryn at our Christmas dinner which was at the Tibetin Kitchen, go figure

Adam, me and Kat
Sweet couple. New American Teachers this year. Lydia works with me and Truc, and Adam works with Kat.
Tanslation: Happy New Year 2009! They don't do Christmas here, it is all about the new year

St. Basil's at night. so pretty
The entrance to Red Square. Quite nice I think.

These last to are in Red Square. The lit up building was first a palace, then a governement building, then the building where you went to stand in endless lines with you stamps for food and clothing during the Soviet days, now it is an amazingly nice shopping mall. Its called (translated from Russian letters to Latin letters) GUM (pronounced goom). Its pretty! And they have ice skating there in the winter.

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