Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well I am back in Russia and it is soooo dreadfully cold. I am having an extremely hard time adjusting to the time. I have never had jet lag like this before. Just to give you an idea yesterday I got home at 4 from work, fell asleep sitting up with my computer on my lap at about 5.30, woke up at 9 not very happy about missing Bible study, went back to sleep at 10, woke up at 12.3o, went back to sleep within about 10 minutes until 2.30 am, was awake until 4am and then slept till 5.30 am. At that point I was so tired of being in and out of sleep that I just called Cliff and then got ready for work. Crazy!

But on with Hawaii. I spent 10 amazing days with my love in Maui. This is where Cliff was born and raised and is currently living now. It was so breathtakingly beautiful, extremely relaxing and I loved the quality time I had with him.

So instead of telling you countless stories, which I would love to do if you ask, I will just try and show you my favorite pictures from the trip.

Beware: there will still be a lot even though I narrowed them down!

Cliff and I infront of this huge tree, it has roots coming down from the branches back into the ground!
Cliff and I out on the beach about to dance in the sand on New Year's Eve!
Cliff and I on our way to Bubba Gumps for a date!
Cliff laughed at me but I like the pic of our feet!
Our first day on the beach, pre sun burn or tan for that matter
Yep, us again. On our way to Hard Rock, my fav!
Sunset walking down the sidewalk to Hard Rock

Sunset looking from our table at Hard Rock
Here is a little bit of sun burn setting in after we spent about 5 hours in the water snorkeling and swimming.

These were on my breakfast in bed tray my last morning there. So sweet!

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