Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Washing Machine Repairs

Well this is Russia. So as you can imagine things don't really go as planned and take a long time to accomplish, etc.

For about 3 months our washing machine has been sounding like a rocket taking off when it spins. Kathryn had this same one in her old apartment and assured us that it was normal. So we never thought much about it. Well last week it slowly stopped spinning all together.

I called our landlord and told him that our washing machine wasn't spinning anymore and we needed it repaired. So he said he would call 'the master' and let us know. Russian's always use this phrase 'the master' when they really just mean repair man. Well he has been here 3 times, 3 days in a row. Well this is what he left us with yesterday.
Well I would say it is not yet fixed. I am just hoping he can put it back together. 'The master' was supposed to come today again to work on it. But when I called my landlord he said that he could not get 'the details.' I am assuming details means parts. But who knows.

This is Russia!

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