Thursday, April 30, 2009


Ok so I know it has been FOREVER since I have given ya'll any kind of update. But things have been busy and nothing too exciting has been going on. Well I guess not exciting to me. But as my mom reminded me these things here are not NORMAL to everyone else. So I will try to do better.

Our old friend Jamie came to visit for about a week. She worked with us last year and lived here 2 years. That was a lot of fun. We spent time just hanging out and eating at her favorite restaraunts here, playing card games and watching movies. It was great to have a friend come to visit. Plus she brought us goodies: Kraft Mac and Cheese, Jiffy creamy Peanut Butter, Aussie hairspray, ice breaker mints, orbit gum, Gobstoppers and stuff for the other girls too. It was so great! It was like Christmas in April! There was a little bit of craziness with her travel. B/c of weather her plane was delayed and rerouted so she got here a day late. But she got to stay a day later too. But then the driver from school didn't come to get her so she missed her flight. So she spent another day with us but had to pay some money for another ticket. It was kind of crazy. But we had a really good time with her.

This past weekend the weather FINALLY turned beautiful. Friday it was about 30*, Sat and Sun got to about 60* or 65* but then Monday got to 80*! Just in time for my birthday. It has been so nice! So we really didn't have any inbetween time. I went straight from wearing a scarf with my peacoat, to one day of springish jacket, to denim jacket one day to nothing yesterday! I was actually hot! I cannot believe it. You know we have been wearing a pea coat or more since SEPTEMBER! So this is still a bit unbelievalbe for me. I am loving it.

I had a great birthday too. I will post pics when I get home. I had a few friends over Friday night to celebrate. My friend Lydia's birthday was a few days before mine so we celebrated together. We made chili and rice and homemade choclate cake. It was so yummy. We had the best time just hanging out with friends. It was great too b/c we had co-workers, random friends and friends from church all together. Plus Lydia and I had friends that neither of us knew of the other. It was nice how everyone mingled and got to know eachother. We played fun games too. Not to mention I got some awesome present that I definately didn't expect. Monday was my actually birthday. I worked all day and taught a private lesson in the afternoon. Then my roomates treated my to Hard Rock Cafe, my fav. When we got home I spent the rest of the evening talking to family from home.

We have tomorrow off of work for Labor day. I'm so excited. We are going to take a church and monastary tour through the southeast part of the city. It should be great. So I will have a bunch of great pics for you coming soon!

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