Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dr. Appt.

So like most Americans I know, I am going to work sick because there is just TOO MUCH TO DO!! I have Russian medical insurance and I so as long as I see a doctor, I still get paid when I am sick. Well I have been pretty darn sick for the last week and finally decided to stay home on Tuesday and have the doctor come see me. She told me I needed to stay home for the rest of the week and go see the doctor next week. Well she was probably right but I am stubborn and there is just TOO MUCH TO DO!

So I went to work today, late. When I walked in my supervisor was there talking to someone and she is asking my why in the world I am at work. She says I should not be here until Monday. This is true. But I was there anyway.

I really didn't want to miss the last week of school. So I went today so I could have a little more time with my students. Not to mention next week starts summer school. They finally gave us a schedule and a theme today so we can start planning. Plus there is tons of end of the year paperwork to do. Which I did early trying to be diligent. Of course, I did it wrong and got a nice yelling at from other teachers over that. So I spent part of today fixing my mistakes and will finish that tomorrow.

Well I had to go to the doctor to 'close my account'. It was the fastest dr. appt. ever! There was no wait which is very unusual. Then I totally lied and told the doctor that everything was normal. I had to hold in all my coughs, this was hard. And she had to list to my breathing. I did my best to fake a really good deep breath, or well like 10 really good ones. She looked down my throat. I didn't do any sniffling. I passed the test! But what was really funny is that she kept asking me "Are you sure you want to go back to work tomorrow?!" I didn't even try to tell her that I had already been today. I bet I was her first patient who went back to work earlier than they are supposed to!

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