Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Victory Park

Saturday night Sara and I also went to Victory Park. This is a WWII memorial park. The metro station is also called Victory Park. It is a beautiful park and so huge. It is so big in fact that you actually forget you are in a city of 16 million because you can't hear any cars or anything. There is so much forest around and trails to walk down. They have several memorials, one to the different cities in the USSR that sent troops to WWII, one for the holocaust and one for the 4 branches of armed forces. They also have an area around a pond full of old tanks and sub stuff. It is pretty neat. Just to walk to the tanks and back took almost an hour! We didn't even go down trails or anything.

Here are some pics from that night. (I took these between 9.30 and 10.30 PM)

Sara at the front of the park. They have Moscow written in flowers and to the left (not pictured) is a working clock made of flowers.
They have really cool fountains here down the long cobblestone pathway leading up the the cities memorial.
This big tower thing (actually a triangle) is dedicated to the cities. all up it is carved the names of the different cities with different military type pictures. At the top are 3 angels, 1 is holding a big gold halo/wreath, the other 2 are blowing into gold trumpets. At the bottom is a warrior on a horse. He has cut up a dragon into many parts. (I'm going with symbolism here.)
The big white building is a museum.

Here is the statue devoted to the 4 branches of military.

another memorial in the park

Sara with the tanks

more tanks
more tanks
at the fountains

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