Thursday, June 4, 2009

Well the regular school year is over and now we are in Summer school. There are only about 30 kids in the 1-5 grades. We have only had 2 English lessons in the last 4 days but it has been great to just hang out with my students and play games with them. We also went on an excursion to the Moscow River. We got a private river boat tour with a tour guide. I have done this many times but the kids didn't seem so interested. Their PSP's were much more fun to them. But I really enjoyed being outside all day.
Tomorrow is an excursion to the Kremlin all day. Me and the other 2 English teachers were supposed to go but they are claiming some problem with foreigners so we can't go. Not the end of the world though because that means I have the day off! I'll spend the day with my favorite Fisher family instead.
This is random,but this pic is of some trees all near our apartment. They are all over the city. I don't remember them from last year at all. Maybe they were not near where I lived. I think they are maybe lilacs. I'm not sure but they smell sooooo good.
FYI: I took this pick on my walk home from the metro on night at 10:30 pm. Look at how like it still is. The sun is barely beginning to set.

Here is the river boat. Some of my previously 2nd grade girls, Olga, Dasha and Sonya.
Here with my sweet 4th grade girls, Anna, Arina and Sasha.

I think it is safe to say I am beginning to realize that I'm going to miss them! Some of it is beginning to hit me...

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