Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One year gone

So one year has passed. Okay well not completely in all ways. It has now been over one year since I became a college graduate. I have been in Russia for about 11 months now and officially survived my first year of teaching and in a few days will have survived my first year in Russia.
I am going home on Saturday and am so happy about it but I thought before I do I will kind of reflect on things from this year.

Things I have learned:
1. Patience really is a virtue. If you can truly have patience in different situations you really are virtuous. My whole life I have been working on this, and will constantly I am sure. But I feel like I have made some huge strides this year in the realm of patience.

2. Communication is the most important factor in relationships. I was thinking about this, whether it is work, friends, family, a significant other, co-workers, whatever, when there is a lack of communication or a mis-communication big problems can occur. I have really tried really hard to fully communicate my needs, concerns, wants, desires, or anything really to everyone in all relationships I have in my life. I think this is a good thing to do.

3. Flexibility. I was once told by a professor in college, Thou shall be flexible lest ye not be bent out of shape. I think it is so true. I have seen this in over flow this year. I have really tried to be flexible. As you know this is key when living in your native country, but living in another is a whole new ball game.

4. Things don't always work out and its okay. Sometimes I think that things have to go a certain way. Some might call this anal. I don't know really. But have learned/ am still learning that when things don't always go according to plan A, its okay because I'm not the one on control anyway. So the quicker I can realized who is in control, the quicker my worries and stress with turn around.

5. Jesus really is my strength. Lets face it, people let you down. They may not mean to, or maybe they do. But people will always let you down in some way or another. You see, they are not perfect, they have flaws, they are all selfish, and they try to do right but it doesn't always happen. So when I depend on Jesus for strength, comfort, love, friendship, etc. I will not be dissapointed and will be completely filled.

6. Plan to be surprised. I actually heard this in a movie the other day and thought it is so true. I need to just plan to be surprised because its going to happen. Yes, I like to make plans, all the time. ( I can be spontaneous too) So the unexpected is going to happen, and sometimes that unexpected will completely change your life. Sometimes that unexpected is the thing you needed most and never realized till you found it. Sometimes the unexpected will completely rock your world in ways you could have never imagined and now you can't imagine you life without it.

7. People change. Yea I have always known this. But it is really beautiful to reflect on people you have known for what seems like an eternity change and grow. Of course this change can be good or bad and will probalby change your relationship. But it is a beautiful thing.

8. I really love chocolate. It is my comfort food. Russian chocolate is better than American chocolate on a good day.

9. I really NEED the sun. I never realized that my body actually needs the sunlight. I had no idea that I get really sick and don't function properly without the sun. And really if I need to live on a beach for the rest of my life then I'm okay with it.

10. Faithfulness. The Lord is so faithful. He is always faithful to fulfill each and every promise He has made and to make sure all my needs are taken care of. Today is a really great example of that!

Well that is all I can think of for now. These are in no particular order or anything.