Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A few stories

Well I really don't have any exciting new pics to post this time. The weather is yuck and I spent half of last week at home sick so things were a little dull. This week is crammed full though.

Yesterday I got paid and needed to take it to the bank. I get paid in rubles but have an account in dollars. Now I am glad I made this decision when I opened the account because the ruble is doing awful and the dollar is doing much better. I don't like to keep a lot of ruble cash laying around my apartment so I take it to the bank when I get paid. This isn't too bad of an ordeal. The bank is in the center of the city and the people who work there are really nice.

Well I guess I can't do things the easy way. I go to an Austrian bank in Russia and want to speak in English. When I opened the account the guy was practically fluent. Well I have yet to see him again. So I walk in and ask for someone who speaks English. There is one girl who knows about 50 words. This is fun. It is not a problem to put money in my account but this time I need to transfer some to my account in America. About an hour later between me, the worker who was Russian and a transfer document that was badly translated into English we manage to fill it out. I have this official document in Russian saying it will be there on the 12th. Now I am crossing my fingers as it was kind of a lot of money to just lose.

It kind of makes me sit back and laugh a little as I think of everything life things like going to the bank and how different it is. Then I laugh harder when I think of different people I know and how they would do this small task.

Another story:
I have mentioned my friend to you that I work with who is really seeking right now. Things are going great with our friendship. It is growing everyday and we talk eachotheres ear off. Well she loves hearing about my relationship with my boyfriend and asks me stuff all the time. She knows we do a Bible study together on Sundays so I told her about it this Monday. Cliff and I bought a book to help us study. We did it this past Sunday and love it. Both of us have wanted to read all the way through the Bible and have never done it. I thought I would buy this book to help us along.

Well with this study you have a lot of homework, which is good for us. Each week you study a new book, and some weeks several small books together. Well our homework this week is to read 7 chapters a day until we get through Genesis. I have an extra small Bible at home and I brought it to work on Monday. This week after work is super busy for me and I have some free time at work. So I decided that was a good use of my time and good reading material.

My friend came into my office yesterday while I was reading and asked about it. I had just read Genesis 1, the Beginning. I told her that I just read the most beautiful story about the creation of the world. She asked if I would read it to her. So we sat there in my office and I read the creation story to her.

Now I leave work earlier than her, but I get here earlier too. She asked if I could leave it here at work for her to read. I of course said yes. I told her it would be here the whole semester so she could read it whenever she wants.

I just thought was really neat.

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