Monday, February 16, 2009

Girls Nights

Sorry I forgot to take pics this week but I will try to do better next week. This past week was so incredibly busy but fun. It seems like I had some kind of girls night every night.

Tuesday night is always Bible study. It was great. We are doing a new study on Philippians, which happens to be my favorite book. I will enjoy this for sure.

Wednesday I went to work and had a private lesson after work. Then I met Lydia for a show. A colleague at work gave us free tickets to a show called Absent. Well the 4 girls who were in it had absolutely amazing voices but it was a little trippy. Apparently Absent is a form of acid. I had no idea. But the whole show is about an acid trip that these four French girls have. So it is in French of course and they are just moving around all weird and singing the whole show. Towards the end they somehow transform and have these bright colorful outfits on. Since it was not in one of the few languages I know, I really am not sure about what happened exactly. But the singing was great non the least and the tickets were free. We also had a crazy cab ride trying to find the theater. We had the address but it is incredibly difficult to find. Thankfully in Russia you negotiate the cab fare before you enter the cab so we didn't rack up a huge fee driving forever.

Thursday is tea night with the girls from small group. This week we went to Homemade cafe. It was a cute little place in the city center. I had some amazing homemade fresh strawberry lemonade. Amazing! It had fresh strawberries in it, mint leaves, lemons, and who knows what else. But it was good. And I had some pasta to go with it. We had as great time. One of my friends is a bag collector. She has a ton and her hubby has said no more until she gets rid of a few. Last week she sold her $600 Furla bag to Kathryn for $50. So she is about to go through her spring collection and let me know. I can't wait!

Friday night we had an 'American Night.' It was amazing. The 4 girls American teachers went out to have dinner at TGIFridays. Wonderful. Then we saw a movie in English! We saw Slumdog Millionaire. It was wonderful and I would highly recommend it. Apparently it is up for a ton of awards but I had never heard of it.

The rest of the weekend was spent at home. I got a nasty sinus infection and was feeling awful. So besides going grocery shopping, I stayed at home, watched Lost online, talked to mom and dad and my honey. A very low key Valentines. My roommates and I watched High School Musical 3 and made some dinner. I know very exciting right?

Promise some pics next post! Hope everyone is doing well!

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