Thursday, March 1, 2012


I feel like I have spent the last decade of my life moving. I have really enjoyed each place I've been to, visited and made my home. What's weird is that before I was 17 I never moved. I lived in The Woodlands, Texas and even in the same house from 3-17. Then my whole world changed when my dad got a job transfer to Oklahoma. This was the spring break of my junior year in high school. The 'ironic' thing is that I had already been accepted to OBU only 45 miles from their soon to be new home. As a family we made the tough decision that I would stay behind and finish high school. So here is my first move since being a toddler. That summer my family moves to Edmond, OK and I move in with one of my many Aunts and Uncles, Christi and Jarred. This turned out to be such a fun, memorable and unique senior year of high school. Of course I end up spending a ton of weekends "commuting" to see my parents in OK.

High School graduation comes in 2003 and I move to spend the summer with my family in Edmond. Only to move that August to start off 4 wonderful years of college at OBU, the only college I applied to. So of course if you have ever lived on campus at a college, its not year around. So I live as a freshman in WMU, move home for the summer. I move in 2004 to a new dorm, Taylor and move home again for the summer. I move into on campus apts in 2005, but of course back home for the summer. 1 year left, 2006, and my treasured roomie and I move off campus. We move out graduation day.

I spend the summer interning in Edmond and treasuring every moment with my family and friends. Because in August I fly LITERALLY half way around the world to live in Moscow, Russia in 2007. I know it sounds crazy but it was an awesome 2 years of my life. I live in an apt. in Moscow on Sergei Makeava for the first year. Of course I came home for the summer. My second year in Russia of course we moved to a new apt. Let's just say I like moving in American a whole lot better. We finish our time in Moscow and are surprisingly ready to go home in the summer of 2009.

I move to my parents mid June 2009, get engaged in September and live out my engagement with mi familia in Edmond. The love of my life and I get married July 17, 2010. We get our lovely first little married apt. in Edmond. We live there till Dec of that year. We had the opportunity to move to Oklahoma City, for free, so we do. We live downtown OKC from December to June 2011. We spend about a month out of town and about 6 weeks sporadically at my parents house that summer.

In August 2011 we pick up and move to Shawnee. Little did we know this would completely change our lives. I got a job teaching Kindergarten. If you know me, you know I had once said I would never do this. Who knew I would completely fall in love with these sweet 5/6 year old babies. After teaching for 4 years and questioning if this was really my calling, I now have a renewed love and passion for teaching. So we moved our bodies and stuff but didn't plan on leaving our church that we dearly loved, HHBC. By Oct we knew God had completely different plans for us, so typical right. We end up visiting and LOVING a church called Frontline here in Shawnee. The people there are a lot of what has changed our lives here.

Anyways I wrote all this just to give a glimpse as to some of the cool things God has done in my life. I think its kind of fascinate to see all the places he has moved me, people I have met in those places and the plans he has had for my life that I clearly I didn't have.

And if I counted right, that's 17 moves from 2003 to 2012. I hope to stay in this house at lease a year!

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