Monday, November 17, 2008

A happier note!

Thank you to all my sweet girls who joined me in crying! It makes me feel much better! Looking back on that day I feel kind of silly for crying but I just couldn't take it anymore. Plus I forget to mention an important feeling I have been having the last few days...sadness.

Well it is the holidays and this is the time of year that I get sad. I am usually not one to get homesick, ask my parents. But that changed during one time of year when I moved to Russia, Thanksgiving. Last year I would randomly just burst into tears and call my mom telling her that I wanted to be home for Thanksgiving. I think this year will not be to bad. I will have a wonderful celebration here with dear friends and collegues!

So if you add the Thanksgiving approaching sadness plus all the events of Friday afternoon, you get some tears. (And yes, people stare at you weird here if you cry in public. Its almost as if they want to ask you if your okay but they just can't bring themselves to it.)

Random piece of info: We bought turkeys this weekend. 3.2 kilos a piece and 1000 rubles a piece (about $40 ish) We bought two, and still have to buy some ham. Thankfully the cost is split among 5 of us so it isn't too bad.

On to happier things! I think it is okay to post this story because I don't think my friend even knows I have a blog. But to be safe I will leave out her name.

I have a new co-worker. She started here in September. She is American, raised in Canada. Very sweet girl but unfortunately not a believer. But she is a seeker.

The first day we met I showed her around the school and we rode on the bus back to the city together. We began talking and getting to know eachother. I really dont' think I said anything inparticular that would make her think this, but I guess this is how God works. She said "You are religious aren't you. I mean you have faith and stuff like that?" So I proceed to tell her that I don't really care much for religion outside of academia but I do have a special relationship in my life and yes I have faith.

Well that began it. Now everytime we are toghether are conversations are one 1 of 4 topics: her boyfriend, my boyfiend, love or "religion". She uses this word 'religion' for everything, but I don't like it. I don't consider myself and what I have to be just another religion. Most days the conversation atleast hits on this topic. Which is great!

Well I thought I would tell you about last Wednesday morning. I honestly don't remember how the conversation began but I do remember how it ended. She asked me something like this, "So you say you believe in God. Well what do you mean you believe in God, I mean what does that mean to you? How does that affect your life?" (Seriously, What a great question) So I proceeded to give her my honest take on it. I told her how I can see God in everything and described that. I told her how I know that I probably wouldn't still be alive if I didn't have God in my life and I described that. I also told her what he means to me and how having God in my life affects every aspect of my life. ( Now we are talking about God, not Christ, that is next)

Through talking aobut God and Him in my life, I had mentioned that I believe that God sent His only Son to Earth in the form of a human to die for our sins. So now comes in the discussion of Christ. She asked me why I think that I need Christ, what does that relationship mean in my life, what does it mean to have a relationship with someone who people say are dead.

I could go on forever. The questions keep coming until we get to school. It was so cool. I ended up getting to share my testimony and a whole lot of my heart with her. I couldnt' have been happier.

I tell you all of this not only to share this great story but to talk about purpose. She, among many others has asked me before what my purpose is here. I think one of my purposes is to plant seeds.

Planting seeds is plenty purpose for me!

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