Friday, November 14, 2008

It could have been better, but I guess it could have been worse too

Its Friday! So it is supposed to be a great day, right? Well it started out fine. I got up went to work, taught 1st grade, 2nd grade, 5th grade, and 4th grade and all of that went fine. Then I scarfed down my PB&J and apple and prepared to leave.

You see, today was a much anticipated afternoon of going to see the doctor. Yes many would not anticipate this, but if you had shooting pain everytime you ate your drank anything at all then you would want to go too.

So here is my afternoon:

I leave the school and have to walk about half a mile to the bus stop that is on the side of the highway and pray that a 442 comes by soon. I am really hoping because the doctor leaves his office at 4 pm and I have a long treck still ahead.

Well while I am walking I get attacked by a crazy dog barking and growling at me as I scream and run down the street while on the phone. Praise the Lord it decided to turn around and go back to the woods where it came from. Because I am surrounded by forrest.

Then about 30 seconds later, some Russian man in a nice SUV just stops right next to where I am walking. I look over but cannot see through the tented windows. I keep walking and talking. about 1 minute later he moves up to where I am, honks and unrolls the window. He has a creepy smile and is offering me a ride. I kindly say no thank you can keep walking. I still have at least a quarter mile to go.

I finally get to the bus stop and am getting cold, it is about 33* today.

About 30 minutes later a 442 comes. Thankfully it stops and I get on. I pay the driver, and get the last available seat in the back of the bus.

I rode the bus for about 30 minutes to Kievskya metro on the brown line. I took the circle 6 stops to the other side of the city to the light green line. Then I took the light green line 8 stops to my stop, Lublino. (It is about 3-6 minutes between each stop depending on distance and speed).

I have now been traveling since 1.20 pm. I excited the metro and it is exactly 3.20 pm.

I have directions to the doctors office from speaking with him on the phone. They are not nearly as clear as I thought they were. I walk one direction for about 30 minutes, knowing I have gone too far, never finding it. I have left his cell number at home but have the office number. After walking about 10 minutes I begin to try the office number. Each time I get a machine that says that it is not a working number.

I turn around, walking so fast I am out of breath. It is now 3.45 pm. The doctor leaves in 15 minutes. I have also been calling kathryn this whole time. She has his number and has been to the office but is teaching a lesson and not answering. I walk back to the metro and treck the other way about 10 minutes.

Finally at almost 4pm I get through to the office. Of course the lady speaks only Russian. That would be my luck, even though it is an American and a British doctor who work there. So I ask for my doctor, and she puts me on hold. After about 5 minutes it hangs up.

It is now after 4 but I call again. Of course, he is no longer in! So I turn around and get back on the metro.

Well I did a not so good job at holding back the tears at this point. I am so frustrated and all I wanted to do was to go to the doctor and figure out what this pain is all about.

I get on the train and head back into the city center. Since I am three stops from the bottom, I get a seat. This is an up right? Not so much.

At the next stop this older, bigger and apparently drunk man gets on and decides to sit in the open seat next to me. Next to him is another even bigger man. (This is very uncommon to have big people in Russia and of course the 3 of us have to be squished into a 3 person seat) Well the man falls on me when trying to sit down. As he falls on me he also elbows me in the forhead. Then he finally sits next to me. Only to cover up half of me. And he is constantly reaching over to grab the bar on the other side of me. Of course each time he does this he elbows me hard in my squishiness. I jump up to get off and see him trying to get up too. Thankfully, though upset, I am sober and can wiggle my way through the crowds very easily.

I switched to the purple line, rode it about 8 or 9 stops to Shchukinskya where I live and went home.

I took my shoes and coat off and went straight for the ice cream. Truc and I compared afternoon stories, and though hers was not fun she decided I won.

I called the doctor, rescheduled for Monday, and he told me to eat a snickers bar.

Thankfully it was Kathryn's night to cook. She made one of my favs, on purpose. Coconut chicken on a Santa Fe salad. And then we watched Prince Caspian which I had never seen.

That was my day! How about yours?!

Oh and doctor says no more caffiene :(

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