Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Its the little things in life

This afternoon showed me that its the little things in life that make me happy. It had been an incredibly long day and early this evening I just wanted to be home. My journey in that direction was still long with many tasks when I walked outside. It was snowing! Big huge flakes of snow were coming down so hard! The wind was so blustery but I didn't even try to take out my umbrella. I just walked in it with a big smile.

I have been waiting for the snow forever it seems like. Last year we had our first snow on Oct. 14th. So it is awfully late this year. I'm not sure if this is a sign that we will not have too bad of a winter?

Well if the snow wasn't enough, about a minute later I saw a Molly Dog! We used to have a absolutely gorgeous, super spotted Dalmatian named Molly. She had to be put down last spring. I always called her Molly Dog instead of just Molly. Well this Dalmatian was nearly as beautiful as her. This was bitter sweet for me but still increased the smile on my face.

For the next story, brace yourselves, it is descriptive. I already know what the reaction of my parents would be: my mom would say something exactly along the lines of: a huge burst of laughter followed by "Oh, I wish I could have been there. I bet you looked retarded!" (in love of course). Dad would have said: "Oh my goodness that sounds rough. Are you okay. Did you make it through. Tell me all about it." (said in a very worried tone). You have to love them, they balance each other out quite nicely. So here it is:

After an incredibly long day, (which I will share with you later) I got off the metro and headed to the grocery store. It was my night to cook and I am making breakfast tacos with eggs, bacon, and potatoes in a tortilla. It was yummy. By now we are borderline small snow storm. I get my groceries very quickly and attempt to get home quickly to cook before everyone gets home.

I leave the grocery story with 4 heavy, heavy bags of groceries. I am all bundled up, scarf wrapped tightly around my neck, ipod in the ears, gloves on, etc. I head out the door and feel a huge gust of coldness. The temperature has defiantly continued dropping, the wind is against my face, piercing me with snow, but I start walking.

Now just picture: a South Texas raised girl + Oklahoma wind + Moscow snow + hands full of heavy groceries

So after I walk through the crowds at the bus stop I have to begin walking uphill. The snow has now formed a layer of slushy ice on the cement from people walking. The wind is so strong that I can barely move forward. It is so slick that I am taking tiny baby steps. I can't look up because the snow gets in my eyes and I can't see. My hair is going crazy! It is flying everywhere, getting caught allover my face, standing straight up and who knows what else. At this point I cannot feel what used to be my throbbing fingers. I don't know if this is from numbness from the cold or from the heavy bags. Maybe a mixture of both. Just when I think I am not gonna make it, I get to the park. The sidewalk is very icy but it is completely white now and over it is an arch of tree. It just looks so beautiful that I start to smile again. Well this crazy snow scene continues as I walk home. When I get into the elevator I have these massive ringlets that are all over my head in all different directions, snow all over my coat, my face is so red it is almost purple, and it is all white with a little black from my mascara around my eyes so I look like a red raccoon! It is quite a sight to see!

I think it is about time for the big coat. Right now I am wearing the knee length pea coat with a scarf that can double as a shawl but is so big you can wrap it around so it is nice and cozy. It is time to bust out the knit scarves with the down coat that goes mid calf and is good for -40*. I have a rule that I can't bust that out before it is consistently freezing or below. I have to at least try to toughin myself up a little for the winter.

So I hope you got a good laugh in. Now I thought I would give you a glimpse into my life today. Not all days are this crazy, but the last two weeks, they have been.

6 am- wake up and get ready
7.20 ish leave for work
7.50 am- arrive at Presnya to catch the bus to Zaitsevo (the campus I work at)
8.35 am- arrive at Zaitsevo
9-930- 1st grade science lesson
9.30-9.50 second breakfast (yummy baked apple)
10-10.40 4th grade science
11.10-1140- 1st grade conversational English
11.40-12.20 4th grade science
12.30-1.10- 3rd grade conversational English
1.20-2pm- 5th native English
2-215- scarf down some lunch
2.15-240 get things ready for tomorrows lessons
2.50-3.15- take bus to Kuntsevkya metro
3.15-3.45 take metro to Krasnapresnanskya metro to the lab/ clinic
3.45-4.15- attempt to communicate with the nurse explaining the test I need. Not knowing which of the 5 I need. Complete nightmare!
4.15-4.30- travel on metro to my private lesson
4.30-445- walk from metro to lesson
4.50-5.50- do a private lesson for Alex at his apartment
5.50-6.30- travel home on the metro
6.30-6.45- do some intensely fast grocery shopping
6.45-710- walk home what normally takes 10-15 minutes
7.15-7.45 cook an amazing dinner
7.45-8.15- eat and watch TV with Kathryn
8-15-9.30-write an article with Kat and Truc for the MES magazine.

Yea that is what you call a long day! I feel like I never stop running around. My legs are soooo sore and tired. I still am not sleeping through the night so that doesn't help.

Anyways, I got some blood work done today for what the doctor thinks I have. He thinks I have H.pylori bacteria in my stomach. This kind of bacteria causes ulcers. You get it from food and drinks. This explains why I got the pain very suddenly and it hasn't gone away. Good news, if it is this bacteria, then it is treatable with an antibiotic. If not, then they have to put a scope down my throat to see what is there causing so much pain. Lets hope for option #1!

Lets end this incredibly long post with ridiculously hilarious blond Dana quotes from this week:
"How long do you think it takes to dethaw a turkey?"
"Your ruining my buzzkill"

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