Saturday, March 7, 2009

Women's Day

Russia has this great holiday called International Women's Day. Now as much as I love to honor my mom and grandma's and other moms in my life, I love this holiday. I get to participate in it so it is great. We got bouquets of tulips from students. I got a beautiful glass jam dish from 5th grade and a beautiful swvarsky crystal key chain from one of my fourth graders. Plus our kids did some performances for their moms. They sang songs, did drama's, and acted. Of course they sang songs in English too. They are just so precious. So I have taken lots of videos of the whole day.

Here are some of our tulips. The first 2 pics are of mine and the huge and gorgeous orange and red ones were Kathryns. I don't think they know that tulips are one of my favorite flowers!

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