Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Washing Machine Update

We have a new washing machine! After 3 weeks of a broken one we are finally able to do laundry. Now my roommates have been hand washing things but not I. So mine is super piled up. And not to mention that you cannot double wear any kind of pants here. It is disgusting right now with all the snow melting so everything gets super dirty when you wear it.

So I am kind of feeling like I have too many clothes. OK well lets not go too far and say too many, but a lot. I have just run out of tights, but still of hose left. Other than that I have yet to run out of anything yet. And then when I think about the clothes I still have at home, my goodness. Well in my defense, I just gave away 2 sweaters to a friend the other day. I have had them since 9th grade, that's 10 years! So that is one reason I have so many, I keep them forever.

So our landlord hasn't been able to get ahold of 'the master' since Friday. He came out about 5 times and 'fixed' our old machine. Um, not so much. He totally cut corners and it was still broken. So when our landlord couldn't get a hold of him after like 5 days, he bought us a new washing machine!

It is amazing already. It is almost the size of an American one. Our last one could hold 2-3 towels or 2-3 pairs of jeans max. So as you can imagine, with 3 girls it was always running. It took forever to do any laundry. I always do it once a week and it would take me 3-4 loads plus towels. So currently it is holding about 7 towels! Its really quite exciting!

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