Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lets talk about this weather

I think what I was experiencing yesterday was Oklahoma crosses Antartica! At some points the wind was so strong that I wasn't actually going anywhere when I moved my legs to walk. The temp only said -5 but I think it felt like at least -20. Plus there is rumor that we will have a few weeks of -40 during February. Now I was really hoping that since we have had a 'mild' winter that we would bypass that. But I guess only time will tell. So really I stay pretty warm becuase of my wonderful Cuddleduds, wool socks, thick gloves, ear muffs, a hat, a hood, and boots. The only problem is that I haven't quite figured out how to cover my entire face yet still breathe and see to walk around. Becuase really its only my face that is wind burned, red, and falling off. You know its cold when you step outside and you first inhale freezes anything that is inside your nose. I never knew what snorting fridged air felt like until recently.

And to think, I have always wanted to live on the beach...

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