Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Winter Wonderland

So last week it was so warm. All the snow melted away and I got so excited thinking that Spring was just around the corner. Then last weekend it got down to about -20C. And the snow has been pouring! Actually it is really beautiful. But the funny thing is, now that its snowing again its back to about -1C.

Dacey and I are looking into making our spring break plans as it is quickly approaching. Greece is on the top of our list but it may not be as warm as we would like. But there are amazing sites to see but we wont be laying on the beach as hoped. But there is and island in India as an option. So if anyone has any suggestions let me know. Warm and near the beach is preferable. Prices and weather play into the decision. So we will see where we go! I can't wait!

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