Saturday, April 4, 2009


Yesterday was possibly my last visit to the Ryzan orphanage. I have completely fallen in love with a little girl named Elena. During my first visit a year and a half ago, she just kind of clung to me. She was brand new and hadn't even been there a week when we first visited. So we have definitely bonded during our visits together. She even told me once that she can understand me when I talk to her even though I don't speak her language.
Well I found out yesterday that she has a brother that is there now too. His name is Valery. I met him yesterday and he is such a nice boy. I'm so glad she has him. Well I wish with all of my heart that I could adopt them. In an easier world I could. So since I can't, with Polina's help, I am going to stay in contact with them. I am going to write them letters and send a package of things they need. Polina will translate the letters for me and bring the packages with her when they go out there. So since I can't adopt them, at least I can help them a little bit.
I brought the little girls baby dolls yesterday that they had requested during my last visit. They had never had a baby doll. So there are some pics with their dolls. But I wrote Elena a letter and Polina translated it for me. Then we read it to her. It was so hard to leave her crying yesterday. But I know God will look after her and her sweet brother. Her are the pics of me and Elena from yesterday and my letter to her.
My Darling Elena,
I am writing you this letter because I do not know if I will ever see you again. If I never get the chance to spend time with you again, I want you to know how much I care about you. I love you so much. I have never loved a child so much that is not my own. If I were able to, I would take you home and love on you forever. Even though I cannot take you with me, know that I will always love you. I will always pray for you, I will always think of you.

I hope you grow up knowing how much Jesus loves you. He loves you so much that he died just so you can be with Him. It is my prayer that you believe in Him and all the promises that He has made for you. If this happens, I know we will be together again I day.
Always know that you are special, your are wanted and you are loved. Not only by me but by our Lord. Never forget this.

All my love,

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