Friday, April 3, 2009

My favorite little Brits...

The Fisher family is living here in Moscow and are very special to me. Daniel is a BBC producer and his lovely wife Emily raises their wonderful kids, Jude, Amy and Angus. Daniel and Emily host us every Tuesday for Bible study. Emily always makes an amazing desert. This family is truely a blessing to me. Well, every so often I get to go and babysit their kiddos. Can I just say, I love that babysitting is no longer a job for me but a pleasure. I love doing it just because. So this post is dedicated to my dearly loved Fisher family. Wow how the kids have grown this year. It will be full of pics and videos. Enjoy!

A day at the park:


Jude and Amy
Storytime before bed

Amy always has a big smile for you!
How can you not love that cute little face!
I just love their facial expressions
Not a good pic of me. But here is one on Angus' 2nd birthday.
Happy 2nd to Angus!

One of the many time Angus has fallen asleep in the stoller. Too cute for words

Amy helping to make Christmas cookies. I think she will take after her momma with baking.
You could say we made a lot of cookies.

Ice skating in Jan. Angus and I were watching Mommy skate.
Daniel and Kathryn skating with Amy
Emily and I ice skating

Amy painting at Jude's birthday party.Angus painting too
This was sent by Emily. This is classic Angus
Jude playing.
Angus being a polar bear
Playing polar bears.
I just really love their imaginations!

I really love watching them play here.

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