Monday, October 22, 2007

Running Away

So this weekend was mostly calm and quite. It was cold and I had an extremely long week so we spent the evenings indoors enjoying the fellowship of friends and good food of course. Since the sun rises around 9 am and sets around 5 pm, it leaves limited time during the day to do anything as we try to stay indoors as much as possible when it is dark outside.

Dacey and I went looking all over Moscow for these boots she wanted on Saturday afternoon. While we were out we noticed this man began to follow us. Thankfully we are always aware of our surroundings and noticed him. So we link arms and begin to walk as fast as we possibly can. He catches up to us still. So I decide we are going to go into this grocery store and maybe we can loose him. But he follows us in. Usually there are security officers in every store so I thought this would be a good idea. No security officer. So the guy is like 3 feet behind us and we bolt out of the store, pushing through some ladies, and run all the way to the mall about 300 yards away. He ran after us! But by the time we got to the mall he was gone. I had already passed several security officers earlier in the mall so I knew this would be a good place. So nothing happened but he sure did freak us out. I think maybe I should by some mase (sp?). But don't worry, this kind of thing doesn't happen everyday.

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