Friday, October 17, 2008

Sick days

So I have been at home sick for the last three days. Well kind of three days. I went to work Wenesday and they sent me straight to the doctors office (in the school) and then straight home and told me not to come back till I was well. I should not of come in at all since I had a fever. But I was being a typical American (as opposed to the typical Russian who misses a week for having the sniffles) and I went to work even though I felt awful.

Kathryn has been home too. With the flu. Not fun. But we have enjoyed laying on the couch watching movies all day. We got out today to go to the grocery store. Um, it took ALL my energy. I came back thinking I was gonna die. Not really fun. So tomorrow we are supposed to go shopping for the orphanage trip birthdays. But I am not really sure if I can make it or not. We'll see!

But here are a few pics from last weekend. Angus turned 2! Really it was just an excuse for all the adults who love hime to get together! It was fun!

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