Saturday, October 4, 2008

So many Celebrations!!

So I want to give a shout out to my most favorite Kersh family! I am so exited for you and your special addition to your family. What an answer to so much prayer and patience. I cannot wait to meet Jude!

I am so sorry I have not updated in forever. It has been crazy busy around here. I thought that once I moved it would slow down. But then work became ever so exhausting and stressful. But I think I am through the worst of it now. Things are working out and smoothing over. Though I will admit there were days I just wanted to give up and come back to my home in America. But I didn't, I stayed here.

Well after all that settled down, it seems like it was time to start celebrating.

First my dearest and most treasure friend from this continent, Polina, had her 21st birhtday. We had a great time celebrating with a dinner at her favorite little restaurant. Kat and I went in together to get her this beautiful scarf to go with the new coat her mom had gotten her. Then I got her a few "American" things that I knew she already loved. Here are a few pics from that night.

Our school decided to celebrate the English language with a special emphasis on America. Well being that I am one of the 3 Americans that work there, and I have been there the longest, I was in charge of a lot of stuff. We ended up having a great time and the kids did a great job. It was a lot of work but turned out great. Here are a few pics and videos from that day. (It was Wed. Oct.1)

They asked me to dressed like a Texan!
The second graders studied American Food

The Fifth graders studied American symbols.

The Fourth graders studied The Faces of America

My cute little first graders studied the world of Disney.

The third graders studied when Columbus discovered America.

My cute little Stepan as Mickey Mouse

Masha was Minnie Mouse, then Sergei, Misha the blonde was Pluto, another Misha and Max

Hilarious! Third grade reinacting the scene when Columbus meets the 'Indians' for the first time. Even though he was really in the Bahamas! And I don't think it went quite like that. But they were so cute!

Here is First Grade singing their song, Popping Popcorn.

Here is 2nd grade singing Old MacDonald

Here is the 3rd grade singing Yankee Doodle

4th graders singing Clemintine

5th graders singing America the Beautiful

Then Friday was International Teachers Day. It was a fun day. We had to sing! We messed up a lot but it was fun and the teachers loved it.

Here is a hilarious video from the Teachers day celebration. Some of the teachers did some kind of funny dance. I don't really know what it was about. but hilarious!

Okay here it is. Try not to laugh too terribly much. We got a whopping one rehearsal and none of us but Lydia can actually sing. But here is our debut.

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