Monday, May 4, 2009

Monastery for the deaf

This past Friday was Labor day here in Moscow and it turned out to be such a beautiful day. We took a walking tour of two monasteries that Kathryn found in the newspaper. The first one we came to was a special monastery for the deaf. They even had living quarters for deaf people. It was super old and a bit run down but that made it more interesting to see.

Here is a pic from the outside surrounding wall.

I just really liked this sign. It says Dietsky Park (kids park). It was next door to the monastery.
Another part of the surrounding walls

A different view of the walls

I had to take a pic of the trees because they just started budding this week. Finally some green!

This is the actually church inside the monastery. It doesn't at all look like an Orthodox church. There are no towers with onion domes. It was pretty inside but quite simple compared to most.

Walking inside the monastery
Me outside the church.

Another view of the church. These are the steps going into it.

Looking up.

This is one of the living quarters for the deaf community attending this church.

Another building at the monastery

I was really excited because there were finally flowers blooming!
A view of the Moscow River in the southeast part of Moscow.

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