Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Kiddos

Next week is our last week of normal school. For some weird reason grades were due this Friday. We are not allowed to do anything for a grade next week. So I guess next week is like lets pretend we are in school and come but lets just play all week? I don't get it. Well I decided to take some pics of my kids. I got as much as I could. I thought I would share. Most of them drive me crazy because they are quite the spoiled brats, but they are too cute as well.

This group is especially naughty. Vova, Nastya, Nina, Katya, Max, Ivan, Alouna and Asya.
Their true selves.
second grade boys
The boys acting somewhat normal
2nd graders, Yagor, Vova, Gosha, Kolia and Daniel
A little crazy. 2nd grade.
Natasha, Olga, Igor, Alex, Artem, Phillip, Sasha and Artum.

Some fourth graders, Anna, Arrina, Gleb, Robert, Sava and Andre
Acting a little crazy. They show their true colors.
Sava and Max. My fourth grade boys
Some sweet fourth grade girls Sasha and Dasha
Some more fourth grade girls, Aleena, Anna, Polina and Arina
Polina and Stasya, 4th grade
4th grade boys, Pasha, Andre, Robert, Robert and Sasha
My sweet 1st grade girls, Masha, Tania and Liza
some more 1st grade boys, Misha, Igor, Yakov, Sasha and Ivan
Arkadya, Tate, Serge and Misha (again kind of trouble makers, but cute)
Alex and Elijah, I don't know if you can tell but they are trouble makers
These are native English speaking first graders, Alicia, Stepan (his father own's a huge pharmacy here called 36-6) and Masha (President Yeltsin's granddaughter)
Two sweet 1st graders, Misha and Sasha
Second graders: Veronica, Sonya, Dasha, Seva (sebastian), Dima, Nikita and NasarThis is my second graders acting silly.
Three of my sweet 4th graders, Ann, Sofia, and Adely
Two of my mischievious fourth graders, David and Robert

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