Sunday, May 3, 2009

Birthday pics

Here are a few pics from my birthday celebration. My friend Lydia and I had our birthday 6 days apart. So we decided to celebrate together. We had a chili and rice dinner at my apartment and invited some of our close friends over. It turned out to be so much fun.

Here is me enjoying a piece of my homemade chocolate cake with homemade icing.

My dear friend Tania and her fiance Sasha

Nataly and Chris Barnes, love them.

Me and Kate. We work together too. She is such a sweet girl to have around

Me and Truc. I'm wearing the souvenir apron she gave me, holding my tea pot from the Fishers and she has my matroshka Starbucks mug from Polina. Some great presents!
My FAVORITE Brits, the Fishers, Daniel and Emily.
Me and Mya Krasavista (my beautiful one) Polina. I wouldn't make it in this country without her!
I'm excited to open my present from Kat.

Standing on our balcony before the sun set, at about 8 pm. This is the view from our bedrooms. We live on the 16th floor so we can see a lot of the city.

Truc, Lydia, me and Kat. Ready to begin celebrating!

It was such a great time. I felt so blessed to be surrounded by such great people, people that mean so much to me over here!

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