Friday, September 28, 2007

Wishing I didn't speak English....

I know this sounds like a weird title. But sometimes I wish I didn't speak English. There is one teacher here who is foreign, speaks English but is not from America. He is a single,older man and very difficult. He is constantly complaining about everything here. Sometimes I want to say,"If you hate it so much just leave!" But today he said to the wrong things. As many of you know I do not make a lot of money over here. I make about 1/3 of what a teacher in Oklahoma makes. But the Lord always provides. So its all good. Well aparently our wages, good accomidations, holiday time, etc. is not good enough for this man. He is ranting and raving in my office about how we don't get paid enough, don't get enough holiday time, etc. He goes on to tell me that at the British International and Anglo American school they pay their teachers much more and give them all this time off during holidays. Well I continued to tell him that this is no those schools. I guess he didn't like that I wasn't agreeing with his anger. But then he stepped over the line. He said, " That's the problem with all you fundamentalist baptists! You just accept whatever people give you and don't complain. You make it too hard for the rest of use who are trying to make a living. You say that you don't care how much you make as long as you survive and that is so childish!" Yes I use ! becuase he was shouting. Well as you can guess this was not a good thing to say to me. So I said something like, "First of all, do not call me a fundamentalist baptist becuase I'm not sure you or I would use that term correctly. Senond, never slander my faith like that. Do not use my faith against me. Yes, you are correct, I am a believer. And I do believe that as long as I make enough to make it and take care of my responsibilites then I am just fine. And yes, I teach not for the money. If I expected a lot of money, I would not be a teacher. So do not criticize me for teaching for a deeper meaning. Maybe you need to think about why you teach. I do not think we teach for the same reasons." He went on to say that that was a childish way of thinking. And that if I had real responsibilities then I would understand. Again, not a good thing to say to me. I went on to tell him that I do have responsibilities and I take care of them just fine. And just becuase I have faith does not mean I am childish. I was pretty fuming at this point but keeping my composure quite well.

If there are two things I am most passionate about it is my faith and teaching. Do not ever tell me that I am childish for not teaching for the money. And do not ever tell me that its you fundamentalist baptist who make it harder for the rest of us. Leave!!! Is what I wanted to say to him. Obviously this is not the place for you! And I think the worst part is, the drama teacher shares an office with us, and he understands English very well.

Oiy Vey (sp)!!


Mom said...

Well, I'm glad you'r outspoken like your mom!! ;) And, glad you are in there for the right reasons. Makes your parents proud!! Love you kid, and,......invest in a dictionary!! lol

Deanna said...

Way to let him have it! I'm a co-worker in western Europe and found your blog through a mutual friend. How about an entry giving an overview of what you are doing?