Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Day at the Park

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having the day off and spending it the my favorite Fisher kids. I was supposed to be on an excursion to the Kremlin with my students but there was apparently some problem with us being foreigners. There is always some kind of problem. So Kathryn and I took the Fisher kids to the park for the afternoon to give their mommy some much needed relaxing time. Dad is in Iraq for a month with the BBC.

So here is some of our day! It was not your typical park. It is what we call the statue graveyard. It is behind the art museum and the put a bunch of statues on some land and made it a walk through park.

This first one is actually the last. After our day in the park and dinner at McDonald's, we had bath time and were watching a movie. Angus and Amy were feeling particularly snugly. This is how we layed for about an hour. I was shocked they were still awake!

I especially like this one. I got one of them all looking at the camera but I really like how Angus is lookng up at Jude.
Of course we had to have ice cream in the park too!
Angus liked to eat from the top and bottom at the same time!

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