Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sister here!

Sara came in on Monday afternoon. Everything went smoothly at the airport which was our biggest concern. Documents are such a huge thing here and I have seen it go wrong so many times. But everything was perfect.

I'm pretty sure I have worn the poor girl out. We are both completely exhausted. But she is getting a glimpse into what my life is like here for a few days. Today is my last day of work! But that means she has been getting up at 6 am with me, leaving at 7.15 and the earliest we have gotten home is 10.30 for the first time in the day. So we are a bit tired. But things will slow down in about a week. We are going to St. Pete on Friday and that will not be restful. We are going to see as much as humanly possible in 3 days. Plus we are seeing a ballet at the Marinsky theater there. It is supposed to be the most beautiful theater in the world. They still have the throne of the last Tsar there, where him and his family sat when they saw ballets.

So anyway, I have to go. I will make a better post later!

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