Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Last teaching day

I have to play catch up again. Since Sara has come we have just been soooo busy that I haven't had time to sleep much less blog. So today I am getting caught up.

My last teaching day, last Thursday, was a bitter sweet one. I actually should call it my last work day, I didn't teach. I spent the day saying bye to people and taking care of some business that I am still trying to work out before I leave. My teacher friends had some very sweet and encouraging words to say. I got a few gifts too. My supervisor, Larissa gave me a beautiful ceramic tea pot with sugar and cream holder/ pourer. They are gorgeous. And my friend Tania gave me a hand made cloth/ ceramic doll and framed flowers. It was all so sweet. I was sad to say by to these people. But at the same time, excited to see what the future holds!
Me and Lydia
The English Teachers for PYP: Natalia, me, Kristina, and Dasha
Me and my dearest Tania
Me, Tania and Sara
Dinner with all the American teachers for the last time, Adam, Lydia, Truc, me and Kate.

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