Friday, June 19, 2009


Yesterday Sara and I went to VDNH park. Apparently this is an abbreviation for some really long Russian words meaning the place of friendship. It is pronounced Videenhah park. I had never been but heard it was great. They have the biggest Ferris wheel in Russia there. It turned out to be kind of like a small fair. There were games to play, small roller coasters and other small rides, kiddy rides and cafes. You could also rent roller blades, bikes and these kind of go-cart looking things with pedals.

Then when you walk to the back of the park there are all theses super cool buildings and this gold fountain. I had to call Polina ask her what this was all about. She says that it is called the place of friendship. And each building represents a friendship between Russia and that country (during the Soviet days). Now each of these is a kind of market. We walked in and nothing was too exciting. But the park was full of families, which was nice to see.

Here are some pics of our day at the park.

What you see when you walk into the park

Sara on the Ferris Wheel.
It was huge. I am guessing the 850 Moscow on the front is that they built in when Moscow was 850 years ago. And now Moscow just had it's 861st birthday last Sept. 1st.
The worst roller coaster in the world! It was so jerky we were in so much pain when we left.
This spinny ride was really fun though.
another cool building

the beautiful gold fountain
These next pics are all of the different friendship buildings

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